Module 1 Introduction

Welcome to this interactive learning module title, Solving AC Circuits in Frequency Domain, a complex numbers application. The objective of this module is to illustrate the application of concepts you learn in your first year algebra course to electrical circuits. By the end of this module, you will be able to analyze AC circuits in frequency domain using phases, and you will be comfortable using complex numbers to solve AC circuits.

There are five sections in this module. The first three sections introduce you to the topic of alternating current, AC generator and its operation and dealing with AC circuits. The fourth section asks you to recall basic information regarding complex numbers, such as definitions, modules, conjugate, basic operations, and polar form. The last section of this module asks you to apply concepts regarding complex numbers to solve AC circuits. This module, it challenges you to critically think and connect the basic topics in mathematics and engineering. I hope you enjoy exploring the various activities and materials presented in this module.