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Chemical Engineering Distillation Laboratory

Distillation columns, particularly pilot-scale or industrial units, represent a quintessential application of core chemical engineering concepts and equipment design, and are a cornerstone of the training of undergraduate students and professionals. This website is designed to support engineering students for deep laboratory learning of chemical engineering concepts by integrating an interactive 360° virtual reality (VR) tour of a modern pilot distillation plant with high-fidelity process simulation and multimedia. The resource is suitable for teaching and learning at all academic levels, and more effective for use in a collaborative learning setting and/or in conjunction with physical distillation laboratory.

The integrated exploration of the real-world process in a virtual setting is structured to support efficient, student-oriented, and design-centric learning for students to acquire knowledge and practical skills of integrated systems and develop cognitive ability for problem-solving.

Please visit the 360° Interactive 3D VR Distillation Laboratory.