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Mechanics Models for Civil Engineering

The Engineering Models YouTube channel was started in April 2015 with 3 simple videos, but the 10 LITE-sponsored videos really strengthened it, and made it directly relevant to CIVE 104. An additional 6 videos, made without direct funding and mostly during Spring 2019, round out the total complement of 20 videos.

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering's Wayne Brodland and Rania Al-Hammoud, in collaboration with the Centre for Extended Learning (CEL), have developed 10 educational videos, created to augment key experiential learning activities that students undertake in CIVE 104. Time constraints mean that students are able to complete only two of the seven hands-on learning activities designed for the course during class time. With this new suite of videos, students are able to vicariously experience each of Dr. Brodland's seven hands-on learning models. This set of 10 videos is now part of a larger suite of 19 Engineering Model videos.

Mechanics Models for Civil Engineering

Videos made with CEL

  1. Equilibrium of a Point
  2. Equilibrium of a Body
  3. Arches and Chains
  4. Suspension Bridges
  5. Gothic Cathedrals
  6. Soil and Water Pressure
  7. Dams
  8. Retaining Walls
  9. Silos and Tanks
  10. Tunnels and Culverts