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This courseware is freely available for everyone with an interest in Engineering.

Open Classes

This course is designed to provide engineering students with a fundamental knowledge of physical chemistry and to demonstrate the relevance of that knowledge to the practise of a variety of engineering disciplines. Some of the topics are: states of matter, equilibrium in non-reactive systems, and equilibrium in electrochemical systems.

A series of videos created to help students understand how common engineering structures work by using physical models.

Sustainable Cities: Adding an African Perspective is a course that introduces students to the theories and strategies to reimagine cities from an urban sustainability perspective. The course modules are beginner level building blocks that cater to the new inter-disciplinary trend around Cities Engineering. 

Course Author: Nadine Ibrahim, Turkstra Chair in Urban Engineering [Profile]

This website is designed to support engineering students for deep laboratory learning of chemical engineering concepts by integrating an interactive 360° virtual reality (VR) tour of a modern pilot distillation plant with high-fidelity process simulation and multimedia.